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Circle of 6 | Vol. 1 | Readers' Fav Review #3

In Circle of 6: Welcome Home, a horror graphic novel by William Butler and Aaron Strongoni, Ash has just moved to Marblehead, Massachusetts, to begin a new life. Ash’s car sputters and stalls upon her arrival in town, refusing to start up again. While she is waiting for assistance, Ash thinks that she sees someone or something. Luckily, at this point, her car revives itself. Ash meets a few people in town, such as her elderly Christian neighbors, Jack and Sadie Covert. She also visits Gabby and Polly, who work at the local bookstore. Polly claims to be psychic, but everyone else is quite friendly and normal. Nonetheless, although the town is quaint and picturesque, there is also something eerie afoot. Rumor has it that the 200-year-old house Ash inherited is haunted, even though it appears quite ordinary. What exactly is going on in Marblehead, and is there more to this pleasant place than meets the eye? The illustrations in Circle of 6: Welcome Home are hyper-realistic, which adds to their visual appeal. In fact, their striking nature helps to emphasize the storyline and further magnifies the overall mood of fear and suspense. Brian James Gage is the talented artist responsible for these vivid and macabre images. Aaron Strongoni and William Butler write evocatively, keeping readers engrossed. I was particularly curious about what brought Ash to Marblehead, but this is only hinted at. I loved the cliffhanger at the end, which left me wanting to read the next volume immediately. Anyone who f inds mystery and horror scintillating will devour this graphic novel in a few hours. Click here to snag a copy.
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