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Circle of 6 | Vol. 1 | Welcome Home

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Formats: Paperback, Hard Cover, & eBook Published: April 2, 2024 Written by: William Butler & Aaron Strongoni Art by: Brian James Gage Edited by: William Butler Synopsis:  There is no escape.
Terrorphilia presents "Circle of 6 | Volume One: Welcome Home," the debut graphic novel from William Butler where darkness lurks in the quaint streets of Marblehead, Massachusetts, and history's shadows whisper of old curses and vengeful spirits.


Enter Ashley Gibson, reeling from a personal tragedy, who finds herself inexplicably bequeathed
an old house on the outskirts of Salem. Seeking a fresh start, she steps into a world far removed
from her big city life. But this house, with its deceptively tranquil façade, is more than just a new
beginning—it's a nexus of dark secrets and malevolent legacies.
As Ashley acquaints herself with the eccentric locals, peculiar and sinister events begin
to unravel around her. The town, steeped in the infamy of the Salem witch trials, hides
more than just historical tales. By night, the tormented souls of six witches, condemned
and executed in a time of hysteria, awaken. Bearing the scars of their brutal past, they hunt,
fueled by a desire for revenge against the descendants of those who wronged them.
Is Ashley's new home a chance to start fresh, or a trap set by forces beyond the grave?
As the boundaries between reality and nightmare blur, she must confront the terrors of the
night and the mysteries of her own past.
With no escape in sight, "Circle of 6 | Volume One" invites readers into a hair-raising journey
where the line between a gift and a curse is as thin as the veil between worlds. Will Ashley
be the next victim of the witches' haunting vendetta, or can she uncover the truth behind
her past before it's too late?
With stunning, cinematic artwork and twists and turns abound, get ready for a wild ride
of the sinister and supernatural. Foreign & Film Rights Available | Contact Us for More Information.
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