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Circle of 6 | Vol. 2 | They Have Risen

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Formats: Paperback, Hard Cover, & eBook Published: June 25, 2024 Written by: William Butler & Aaron Strongoni Art by: Brian James Gage Edited by: William Butler Synopsis:  There is no escape.
The shadows lengthen, and the chill of the unknown deepens in Terrorphilia’s gripping sequel, "Circle of 6, Vol. 2: The Have Risen". Return to the haunted streets of Marblehead, Massachusetts, where William Butler masterfully intertwines the fates of the living with the vengeful spirits of the past.
Ashley Gibson, still grappling with the eerie legacy of her newly inherited home on the fringes of Salem, finds solace and friendship among the town's quirky inhabitants. Yet, peace is fleeting. The town reels from a shocking tragedy—a freak accident that claims one of their own, stirring ancient grudges and dark whispers.
The Circle, finally roused from their eternal rest, begin their malevolent quest of revenge. Their first target: Polly, Ashley's new friend, who uncovers the sinister truth behind Ashley's house. As danger encircles her, Polly races against time to warn Ashley. But the witches are relentless, and secrets have a price. Will Polly's discovery be a lifeline for Ashley, or will it seal her doom?
"Circle of 6, Vol. 2" plunges readers deeper into a maelstrom of mystery and terror. The witches’ hunt has begun, and no one is safe. Bonds will be tested, and secrets will unravel in this haunting tale of revenge and redemption. Can Ashley unravel the mysteries of her past and the house’s dark legacy before the witches' vengeance consumes her?
Dive into the heart of darkness with this mesmerizing sequel, where every page turn reveals a deeper layer of intrigue. With its cinematic artwork and a story that blurs the lines between the living and the spectral, prepare to be ensnared in "Circle of 6, Vol. 2: They Have Risen". The battle against vengeful evil has only just begun—are you brave enough to join?
With stunning, cinematic artwork and twists and turns abound, get ready for a wild ride
of the sinister and supernatural. Foreign & Film Rights Available | Contact Us for More Information.
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