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Shea McGee—Author

Updated: 3 days ago

K13 is pleased to welcome Shea Mcgee to our talent roster. Wisconsin-born, California-raised, Shea L. McGee (S.L. McGee) is a mother and author of the Makaela Williams series “Voices on the Air” and “Whispers of the Flesh”. Her latest short written piece “The House That Stood” is published in Abomination Media’s horror anthology “Hell Hour” published in October 2019. She has various short stories of horror and urban fantasy genres on Vocal, but has also contributed to lifestyle blogs “Style and Men” and “Dean Hall”, contemporary news blog “The Commute” and local newspaper “San Diego’s Voice and Viewpoint”.

Shea is a contributing writer for the horror site Hear Us Scream and is the creator and curator of The S Reaction, a review website for all things horror. Her forthcoming third book in the dark urban fantasy fiction Makaela Williams series, “The Sorceress”, will be coming soon after a very long “break”.

Shea is currently scripting a new graphic serial saga for K13's Black Chamber Files paranormal universe. Announcements coming soon! Please visit Shea's Official Website for more info.
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