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The Nosferatu Conspiracy Graphic Serial, Volume Two: The Stăpân

Updated: Mar 7

Available Exclusively on Amazon Kindle

Published: Dec 4, 2023 Author & Artist: Brian James Gage Edited by: Anne Horowitz Synopsis: History is a Lie. The truth will be exposed.
Step into the chilling world of this mesmerizing graphic novel series as acclaimed horror author Brian James Gage brings his award-winning Nosferatu Conspiracy novel trilogy to life with an all-new, heart-pounding second volume.

Grigori Rasputin arrives in Saint Petersburg with a nefarious agenda that will ensnare the Romanov dynasty and Prince Felix Yusupov in a wicked supernatural web.

Amid this grim atmosphere, a mangled body is delivered to the city morgue. Abandoned by the apathetic metropolitan police, coroner Rurik Kozlov embarks on a perilous quest to solve the puzzle. He’s convinced the grisly murder signals the arrival of the Sleepwalker—a renowned European killer—in Saint Petersburg.

With stunning artwork that illuminates the intricate narrative, volume 2 immerses readers in a world of occult secrets and mysteries, where mere mortals must summon their courage to escape the relentless clutches of evil.

As the stakes escalate and the pursuit of truth plunges Rurik and Prince Felix deeper into the dark, be prepared for the spine-tingling twists and turns that abound in this gripping tale of intrigue and deceit. Foreign & Film Rights Available | Contact Us for More Information.

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