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K13 is an upstart publisher currently interested in producing comics and graphic novels created with AI art. The genres that appeal to us are: horror, occult, sci-fi, fantasy, strange tales, & interesting/innovative takes on superhero tropes. 

Founded by Brian James Gage in March of 2020, K13 is a fiercely independent champion of strong, independent voices in innovative storytelling. We currently have two Amazon best-selling/award-winning horror novels on our roster and are moving to push the same quality and success into the graphic novel and comics realm.

If you are an emerging or established storyteller who uses AI generated art to tell your stories, we would be interested in working with you. 

We have a unique and proven distribution strategy that is very favorable to our authors with a 50% royalty share of net revenues per title paid to our authors, including merchandising opportunities. 

If you'd like to work with K13, please review our submission guidelines & send us a pitch about your project. If you're aligned with our vision, we will get back to you.

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