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Circle of 6 | Vol. 1 | Readers' Fav Review #2

 Sate your horror appetite with William Butler and Aaron Strongoni's gripping graphic novel Circle of 6: Vol. 1. Still recovering from the loss of a loved one, Ashley Gibson leaves Chicago in her Mustang to arrive in the misty coastal town of Marblehead in Massachusetts. She has unexpectedly inherited a decrepit old house from distant relatives who have passed away. Eager to start anew, Ashley acclimatizes to her new environment, nosy neighbors, and the local townsfolk. However, something is amiss. After making friends with the town's bookstore owner, Gabby, Ashley agrees to visit a party hosted by Ben Cooper. But little does she know that she won't be leaving the house alone as wicked entities converge and her neighbors are about to face their wrath. What's next in store for Ashley and the inhabitants of Marblehead? A potent combination of mystery, intrigue, suspense, and hair raising thrills makes Circle of 6: Vol. 1 an unmissable pageturner of a graphic novel. This series is tailor-made for fans of horror. Authors William Butler and Aaron Strongoni tell a chilling supernatural tale, revealing bits and pieces of the larger mystery to hook readers in and end the book on a cliffhanger, which only makes you want to read the second installment as soon as possible. Brian James Gage's artwork is simply brilliant and captures the tone and tension-filled atmosphere of the setting to perfection. I was thoroughly invested in the novel from start to finish and look forward to reading the sequels. All in all, this is a gem of a book for horror and graphic novel enthusiasts. Click here to snag a copy.
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